Alocasia Polly - Elephant Ears


Also called the 'Ponytail Palm', this charming Alocasia will instantly become a talking point with its arrow-like leaves and striking white veins. Each leaf sports a sumptuous emerald shade, but on their underside they are of a shade comparable to a night's sky. We therefore feel this is the perfect plant for someone who wants to add a mysterious edge to their home. Nevertheless, as unique as this Alocasia appears, it is a very low maintenance plant, making it perfect for the beginner grower! All you have to do is keep their soil moist, and ideally place them in a location with partial shade.

Partial Sun: Plants that like this type of light are mostly the type of plants that grow on the forest floor, where they are somewhat protected against direct sunlight during some hours of the day. This is also a very normal light situation for many windows, usually with a west- or east- facing window with around 4 hours of direct light each day. This could also be a spot further away from a very sunny window.