Chinese Evergreen - Red Siam


Colourful, compact and cute - the Chinese Evergeen is ideal for plant newbies as it's an absolute breeze to take care of. Its Latin name, Aglaonema, comes from the Greek word ‘aglos’, meaning 'bright', and ‘nema’, meaning 'thread', due to the patterns that decorate its leaves. Who needs a four-leafed clover, when you have the Chinese Evergreen Red Siam? It's considered to be lucky in its native home, China. This easy-going plant doesn't need an overwhelming amount of attention to grow well. However, if you fancy showing your Chinese Evergreen some love, give it an occasional dust and remove any dry leaves.

Most Light Conditions: It is rare to find a plant that will thrive in most light conditions, they tend to be very hardy and great plants for beginners! You can usually place them in any room, however we do suggest to keep them away from very harsh sunlight.