Spathiphyllum - Peace Lily


The Spathiphyllum is a great houseplant that can be used all over the house. Commonly known as the Peace Lily, these plants have beautiful dark green foliage and long-lasting white flowers that appear in the spring. These plants can sit happily in a variety of light conditions so can be placed almost anywhere, though you should avoid harsh direct light in the summer. Smaller plants can be potted on shelves and tables whilst larger plants can be placed on the floor as a standalone display. A good water once a week and regular misting to raise humidity will keep the plant happy and healthy. The Peace Lily is also named by NASA as one of the top air-purifying plants.

Most Light Conditions: It is rare to find a plant that will thrive in most light conditions, they tend to be very hardy! You can usually place them in any room, however we do suggest to keep them away from very harsh sunlight.