String of Pearls


Commonly referred to as 'String of Pearls' this succulent will likely be one of the most unique house plants that you will ever see! Their long tendrils of bead-like fronds are comparable to pearls, which are perfect for embellishing a shelf or empty wall. Their pale green coloring will make a nice change from the darker colours so commonly seen on succulents of this kind. This houseplant is a little more high maintenance with its care; it is best to keep their soil a little dry, and to place them in a warm and well-lit location. Come wintertime, you should water your String of Pearls even less, but rest assured that it will be happiest in these conditions.

Full Sunlight: A plant that needs full sun needs at least 6 hours of sunlight every day to thrive. To find this place in your home, look for a sun-drenched site, like a south facing window.